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Tucson High School Class of 1958 - Latest News

60th HOMECOMING, November 8, 2018


____________________   ________________________   ___________________
       First                        Birth Name (if different)              Last

PLUS ONE (if applicable)

____________________        _______________________
        First                                        Last

Amount paid:                                           $___________

($60 per person if paid before Oct. 1,
$100 per person after Oct. 1)

Make check or money out to Chris McGuire and mail to:

Chris McGuire                                    
1729 Wilson Ave.          
Arcadia, CA 91006                                


04-01-2018 - 60th HOMECOMING!

Yo, old Badgers!  A quick addendum to the March email blast about the 60th.

First, there is dancing in the streets here at Homecoming Central, since we got our wonderful web site back!  Now we can once again pester you to distraction whenever we feel the urge.  (Oh, come on.  You know you want us to.)  In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the link:  www.ths1958.com.  Information on the 60th is posted there, along with pictures, bios and contact info on classmates.

Second, I have been asked for a recap of the details on the event.  The place is Lodge on the Desert; the cost is $60 per person if paid before October 1, $100 after that; the dates are the evening of November 7 through the morning of November 9th.  A brief (and preliminary) schedule is as follows:  From 5 to 7 on November 7, there will be a no-host meet and greet at the bar; on the 8th, we plan a latish breakfast, followed by milling about, snacking and socializing (or napping, always a good option) in and out of the hospitality suites during the day, followed by a short (and we hope very entertaining) program at around 4 pm before dinner at 5.  On Friday morning, those who wish to will meet for a no-host breakfast at Cielos (the restaurant at the Lodge) before we say goodbye and go back to real life.

The Lodge has reserved a block of rooms reserved for us, so go to www.LodgeontheDesert.com  or call them at 520-254-0640, and use the booking codeTHS1958 for the special rate.

Clear your calendars, old friends, and contact me for the registration forms.  I’ll be waiting in the batting cage, ready to swat ‘em back at you.  (I’m good at swatting.  I raised seven kids.)

Carol Woodman Conniff
Official Nagger-in-Chief

03-30-2018 - LET'S PARTY LIKE IT'S 1958!

Hah!  Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the mailbox……………..

A brief preface before we get down to business:  Due to problems beyond our control (I’m inclined to think it was gremlins, but I am technically challenged, so maybe don’t listen to me), our THS website temporarily disappeared—but through the valiant efforts of a crew of dedicated and persistent folks (including but not limited to our Reluctant Webmaster Sally Adams, Chris McGuire, Ken Marcoux, and Bev Brooks Goodwin) we’re back!  No way to avoid us anymore.  Resistance is futile.

We have some real info now, so it’s time for me to get serious.  (This is me, getting serious.  Alert the media.)  Chris, bless his heart, has foolishly agreed to be our treasurer, so checks or money orders will go to him.  We can’t attach anything to these blasts, so contact me (“reply” should work, but if not, my contact information is below) and I’ll send you a registration form with all the pertinent info which you can print out and send to Chris with your check.  Or I can snail mail it to you if you prefer.  Don’t feel bad if you do.  I too am a dinosaur.  We’ll send you confirmation after we receive your payment.

The Lodge on the Desert has reserved a block of rooms for us at the group rate, so contact them while they’re still available.  You can go on line to them at LodgeOnTheDesert.com, or call them (24/7) at 520-254-0640; the booking code for the group rate is THS1958. 

And finally, we have made a momentous decision here at Reunion Central.  We are rebranding this event.  It feels to us like so much more than a plain old vanilla reunion, so from here on out, this will be the THS Class of 1958 60th Homecoming.

Welcome home, everybody!

Carol Woodman Conniff
Official Nagger-in-Chief
Homecoming Central


5938 N. Camino Miraval
Tucson, AZ  85718

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