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Tucson High School Class of 1958 - Latest News

02-03-2018 - LET'S PARTY LIKE IT'S 1958!

Yoo Hoo!  Me again.  Your Official Nagger-in-Chief, keeping you posted on our progress here at Reunion Central.  We have the date, the time, the venue and the cost (see recap below), and now we’re reaching out for suggestions and volunteers.  Unfortunately, we’re not yet sure exactly what we will need, but we do have a general idea, and we thought a warning shot across the bow was the least we could do.  We aren’t asking specifically for volunteers—yet—but as soon as we know what we’re doing, look out!  (What?  You thought we knew what we were doing already?  Your confidence in us is flattering—and a little scary.)

The jobs we’re thinking about are mostly on the day (registration table, greeters, decorations, hospitality suite assistance), but we also plan to do a snail mailing to classmates for whom we don’t have email addresses, so we might need some help with that.  We also encourage you to reach out to classmates you’re still in touch with, and “badger” them into attending.  (See what I did there?  I’m sorry.  Sometimes I can’t help myself.)  I’m sure other issues will pop up too, so please be thinking about it and stay tuned for more info on the subject.

While we’re talking about classmates, there is a Guest Book on the THS 58 website to post information about yourself and read about what’s happening in the lives of other members of the class of ’58.  I encourage everyone to check it out—and leave us some information on your own sweet selves while you’re there!

Diane Rutledge Bain has kindly volunteered to round up name tags for us--none of those lame “HELLO!  My name is__________” stickers from Office Max; these will be the real deal.  Nothing’s too good for you guys!  Those who still have name tags from the 50th, do bring them along—and we’ll need the names of your plus ones, so we can do tags for them as well.

We don’t yet have the payment mechanism worked out, so please be patient with us.  Just remember, we have no business, no bank account, and no plans to change that—we’re considering this is probably the last hurrah—so whatever we come up with will likely be very 20th century.  Maybe early 20th century.  We’re working on it, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have something.  We’re shooting to have it in our next pesky, nagging, annoying email, probably in March.

Once again, the deets:

Date – Wednesday evening November 7, 2018 to after breakfast Friday morning, November 9

Venue – Lodge on the Desert

Cost - $60 per person if you pay before October 1st, $100 per person after that date.

Dress – Resort casual  At the Lodge, that probably means no tank tops, ratty jeans or obscene tee shirts.  (It’s still Tucson, but the Lodge is a fairly classy place.  We should be on our best behavior.:)

This is going to be too much fun!  Can’t wait!

Carol Woodman Conniff     

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