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Martin R Tellez - 04-09-2020
New to the website...didn't know it was 'alive'.....am still here 'alive & surviving'....tried contacting some of my 'Ole' friends but like the saying goes...'you can never go back'.....contemplating returning to Az once again, maybe the second time will be the charmed time, who knows...nice website....Marty Tellez
Dennis Becksted - 01-20-2019
Just visited our website and looked through the many photos of our 60th reunion.  Thank you so much for posting them.  It was a great gathering that I will cherish.

Many thanks to all those classmates who devoted much time and effort to making our reunion so successful.  Blessings to you.

Norma Acedo Gonzales - 10-10-2018
I do wish I could attend our 60th reunion! Unfortunately not able to. ūüėě. I wish all of you happiness and good health. I live in CA and have for the last 60 years having married right after I graduated. Married the love of my life Dave Gonzales who sadly passed away in 2012. I worked at various banks here in CA and retired in 2002 where I worked for 25 years as a School Office Manager. I have great memories of my years at Tucson High and of course the memories I hold dear to my heart of Tucson! May God Bless you all. ‚̧ԳŹ

Marge Seginski - 09-24-2018
I have such wonderful memories of Tucson High .  I was so happy to perform in some great plays.  I wish I could come to a reunion but am not able to.  It is fun to think of old friends.  This is a remarkable sight.  I now live in Texas in the Dallas area.  It is ok, but I do miss the beautiful state of Arizona.  I especially  the Catalina mountains and  the beautiful  desert.  good luck with the reunion.
Frank Catalano - 05-04-2010
Hello everyone!  What a joy to see all of you here because of the hard work having this website put together by someone that really cares.  Thanks so much and good blessings to all.  I am still in Tucson being I was born in Jaynes Station Arizona.  My dad was from Sicily and my mom from Yuma Arizona.  I have twi nieces in Perth Australia and was fortunate to see them 3 years ago.  Australians are lovely people.  Yes I am still playing drums and singing but mostly being and artist.  Someday I will be famous..haha!  I don't like the alternative at all.  My best buddy passed away recently and i will miss Roman Darmer alot.  I am keeping very active and hope to still see my school freinds here.  Does anyone know where I can purchase a THS letter sweater?  THS says no on this matter.  Best wishes and good health to all of you.
Martha Jane Sanchez - 03-14-2009
The reunion was a highlight for me.  I saw so many of the people I have thought about over the years, but have not seen because I have been on the move so much. I especially was glad to see Sylvia Elias, Margaret Romero, Dickie Gomez, and Nelba Chavez.  High school was surely a pleasant thing to remember.  Thanks to you all.
Ron Gaiser - 12-01-2008
It was great to see all of you who attended our reunion.  You that put the program together, GREAT! GREAT! job perfectly done.  What a terrific class we had and how very fortunate each of us are to have been a part of it.  THS Class of '58, now and forever a body of gifted people made to serve others.  Thank you and God bless,  Ron.
lynn moon altieri - 11-18-2008
what a treat to come back to tucson, be so close to where i was raised and then, to top it all off, see so many wonderful friends from 50+ years ago.  thank you to all who worked so hard to get it going and pull it off...thanks to all for your hugs and stories of such special years.....the memories will last a lifetime....everyone looked terrific ...joe and i look forward to our next get-together.....with love to you all.....lynn moon altieri
David Turner - 11-13-2008
Our 50th reunion - What a great gathering of old people!  The committee out
did themselves.  A+ on organization.  It was definitely a labor of love.  As I
metioned in my bio, I was one of those students that never got involved in
anything, so I was very apprehensive about going.  It was like taking a step
back in time that I had long forgotten.  It was regretful that more of our
classmates did not attend, but we still had a great turnout.  It would be
interesting to know how many of our careers had been initially shaped by
our learning experiences at THS.  Those were the 'good old days'.  My only
regret was that I didn't take more pictures or meet more people.  Again,
thank you committee - you know who you are.  As I've said before   'ONCE
janet murphy daugherty - 11-12-2008
You Badgers rock!!!

What a memory I'll always cherish--seeing so many of you.  {I really regret not seeing some friends I found out were there! }

The planning was above super, and the atmosphere like a big family.  Couldn't have been a better, funner, crazier reunion!  We always knew 1958 Badgers could have the Best Blast in the West!

Many, many thanks to the planning committee and hardworking helpers.  You outdid yourselves.   Can't wait til the next one!  
Linda Tannert Anglin - 11-08-2008
What a wonderful reunion for the class of 1958.  We appreciated the many opportunities to visit in the hospitality room, the tail gatepicnic, thebanquet and dance,and the wonderful tour of THS.  What an amazing place!!  Thank you to the commitee who did all of the planning and hard work.  Go Badgers!!
Richard Dean Frick - 11-02-2008
Looking forward with Great anticipation of seeing how we have all weathered the storm.  It is a Blessing to be able to attend.
William Tellez - 08-27-2008
Sorry , we will be on a cruise beginning 11-2-2008 for 2 weeks.  Say hello to everyone for me. William Tellez
Barbara Ann Yonan - 08-27-2008
I am so excited about this reunion!  Thank you, Jeri Wesson, for your bird dog-like search of all of us.   To all of the reunion volunteer staff, a big thank you.  

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.  You all were such an important part of my life.  It will be great to reconnect.

I just retired--again--this time from my school district as a psychologist.  

I'm crazy I guess but 'for the fun of it' I'm starting up a private pratice again as a school neuropsychologist, specializing in children who are gifted and talented and those with severe learning disabilities.  After my evaluations, I actually demonstrate to teachers how to work with students based on my findings and then work with them to implement and twik their teaching strategies.  Somehow, along the way, I got dragged into forensic work and also supervise case studies of adult and adolescent court cases.  We also 'match' potential hirees with jobs.  Quite a range.  

Am I the only strange one of us to choose to create a business as retirement 'fun'?  

Still weird.....


Jack Wojnowski - 06-01-2008
Well, we had our 50th reunion.  Three days of reminiscing.  You guys might find it fun to check our website since we have so much in common.  I will be putting up pictures over the next several weeks.


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