Tucson High School Class of 1958
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Tucson High School Class of 1958 - Photo Galleries

Welcome to our Photo Galleries feature. If you or a group of classmates would like to start a separated special interest photo gallery you may submit a request by clicking on the contact administrator button.

  • 001 60th Homecoming Photos
  • Many photos and the program video cannot be posted because they exceed the size limit. ¬†To view all the photos, go to the veri site @ https://www.veri.com/gallery/6425480769044481. ¬†This site will be up for a year.
    The video is photo 429 of 640.  You may be able to view it at: https://assets2.veri.com/asset/6466445298892863nE6BZXAsegD2BKoRUF4YToi63_fl.mp4  

  • 002 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 003 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 004 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 005 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 006 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 007 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 008 60th Homecoming Photos

  • 010 2008 50th Reunion Thursday Photos by Students

  • 020 2008 50th Reunion Friday Photos by Students

  • 030 2008 50th Reunion Photos by Richard Wisdom

  • 040 2008 50th Reunion Photos by Bob Orozco

  • 050 2008 50th Reunion Photos by David Perlman

  • 50th Reunion--It all came together

  • 50th Reunion Attendees
  • THS Class of 1958 50-year Reunion
    6-7-8 November 2008, Tucson, Arizona
    Classmate Attendees
    Acosta  , Arthur M
    Adams  , Sally
    Addison  , Carolie
    Alcaraz  , Benigno T 'Benny'
    (Alexander) Gack , Jean
    Armstrong  , Richard L 'Dick'
    (Baca) Paredes , Julie
    Barker  , Ron

  • 55th Reunion Attendees
  • THS Class of 1958 55-year Reunion
    October 12, 2013, Tucson, Arizona
    Classmate Attendees
    Sally Adams
    Janet Bideaux (2)
    Lynne Blakely (Dewey)
    Judy Brainard (Hunt) (2)
    Beverly Brooks (Goodwin)
    Nelba Chavez
    Mary Chumbler (Miller) (2)
    Bob Davis
    Robert Dohrman (2)
    Sylvia Elias (Orozc...

  • 060 2008 50th Reunion Poem by Bobbi Cain Reid

  • 100 Junior Prom Program 1957
  • - note the space theme (Sputnik?)

  • Badger Behavior Handbook
  • --- All of us received a copy and some of us actually read it.  

  • Cactus Chronicle
  • --- Our favorite newspaper...all the news that was passed by the censors.

  • Class Museum
  • Help preserve our class history. Upload artifacts and memorbilia from our class past here in our class museum.

  • Elementary Schools
  • Many of us remember fondly our days in elementary school.

  • In Memory of

  • Junior High Schools
  •    We left early to start our four years at THS...although we were pioneers, some us are still upset that we did not get to be big-time ninth graders.  Please send us photographs of your time in Junior High.

  • Look at us now
  • Getting older and proud of it!  Like it or not.....we're all getting a little grayer, a few more wrinkles, carrying a few extra pounds, and a few less hairs. It's part of life!
    Share recent pictures of yourselves or with your families.. Simply click the add photos link.

  • Looking Back
  • Classmates are going up in their attics, dusting off their scrapbooks and sharing their favorite personal photos from yesteryear. Help document the candid parts of our class past by posting your old personal photos.

  • REMEMBER WHEN 1957 - 1958
  • --- Information and trivia from our junior and senior years courtesy of Seek Publishing.

  • We Got Together
  • Gotten together with some of your classmates recently?   Post pictures of your get togethers for others to enjoy.

  • Yearbook
  •                                     1958 TUCSONIAN --- WELCOME TO OUR YEARBOOK IMAGES

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