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Tucson High School Class of 1958 - Latest News

06-02-2018 - 60th HOMECOMING!

Yoo hoo!  Me again!  Miss me?  We here at Homecoming Central are pleased with the response to our event—it’s rather early days yet, but a number of you have already signed up.  As for the rest of you, what are you waiting for?  Time’s a wastin’!  Don’t forget—if you pay before October 1, it’s only $60 a head; after than it goes up to $100 each—which is still a bargain, but why pay more?  I stand ready to send registration forms to you (just hit “reply” to this [email me at cconniff62@gmail.com], and a form will be on its way); I also stand ready to send your confirmations as soon as Chris notifies me that you’ve signed up.  Please cut me a break.  All this standing is hard on an old lady.

Speaking of which, as I was shuffling out of the podiatrist’s office yesterday (Bone spurs.  There go my dreams of a career in the military.), it occurred to me that I’m probably not the only one of us who is limping and hobbling these days.  And it further occurred to me that I should let you know how very clever we were in our selection of a venue for this little do.  No stairs, concrete walkways—everything is level and easy to navigate.  Plus (she says in a stage whisper), the restrooms are right outside the meeting room!  Have we covered all the bases, or what?

So.  A recap of all the pertinent information.  We will have a no-host meet and greet at the bar on November 7th from five to seven pm; breakfast at 9:30 on Thursday morning followed by visiting and schmoozing—napping is good as well—and hanging out in the hospitality suites; a short and (we hope) entertaining program at four, followed by dinner at five; Friday morning a no host breakfast for those who want to make this last as long as possible.  We don’t have any other activities planned (THS will be in session on Thursday, so the possible tour is a no-go, unfortunately), but those of you who haven’t been here in a while may want to do a little touring on your own during the hiatus.

The venue is the Lodge on the Desert, 306 N. Alvernon Way.  Go to LodgeOnTheDesert.com or call (24/7) 520-254-0640 for reservations; the booking code for the group rate is THS1958.

So let’s get a move on here!  Can’t wait to see your happy faces again!  Or whatever faces you choose to wear—being an old crab myself these days, I tend to bear the expression of the Queen at the recent royal wedding.  So bring whatever face suits you.  We’ll adjust.

Carol Woodman Conniff
Official Nagger-in-Chief

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